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green production stage Los Angeles, 100% solar powered, sustainable production stage

Going green with your production

2010 Studios is working hard to become 

LA's Greenest Production Stage.

In addition to being 100% solar powered, we are making

it easy for our rentals to follow  "PEACH"  

A best practices for sustainable production.  

We have implemented many of their best practices for sustainable production and include them for each rental.

You can download an overview of the Green Production Guide toolkit to help you make your production as “green” as possible! 

Additional information can be found at 

Each Stage includes the following:

Printer with recycled paper and refillable ink cartridge

 Recycling bins, including batteries, and ink cartridges

 Dishes, silverware, glasses, mugs, & table cloths included

Filter water dispenser with hot and cold water.

Stage house lighting is 100% LEDs

Leftover food is donated to local food bank.

Electric charging station for electric and hybrid cars

Trash is sorted for additional recycling by local recycler


100 Renewable Energy

 In 2018 we produced 104% of our annual electrical usage using solar power

Working with Xero Solar, we installed 77 solar panels creating a powerful 35kw solar system that produces 100% of our annul power needs.  At the same time we installed an electric charging station for EV and Hybrid Cars.

100% solar

We capture both rain water and our air conditioner's condensation water and use it for our patio garden and landscaping.

Water Capture & Reuse

With all air conditioners on, we can capture over 90 gals of distilled water a day.

About 1 gal every 5 minutes. 

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