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Doing Our Part to Keep You Safe

2010 Studios has implemented preventative measures to help reduce the

spread of COVID-19 by providing a clean and sanitary work place. 


  • Studio is clean and sanitized before and after every shoot.

  • Touch free hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio.

  • Each stage has a large roll-up door for fresh air circulation.

  • Both stages have outdoor patios with plexiglass dividers on the picnic tables.

  • Plexiglass dividers in prep kitchen for the addition safety for our food stylist

  • Powerful industrial exhaust fan capable of refreshing the air throughout the entire studio in 10 minutes.

  • HVAC units serviced regularly. 

  • Cleaning person available to be on-site cleaning and sanitizing while the production is in the studio. * an additional charge will apply.

Additional Covid-19 Resources 

Covid-19 Compliance Officer available through

On site Covid-19 testing  by results in 15 minutes

2010 Studios follows all COVID-19 guidelines provided by the CDC.

PPE and touch free hand

sanitizers throughout studio.

2010 Studios Covid-19 Wellness Check In Stations


check-in station

* Set medic not included

Prep Kitchen

 For our food stylist, we installed plexiglass dividers in the prep kitchen for additional safety.


Stage 1

 Fresh air patio with safety plexiglass dividers for outdoor eating or working.

setting for 12



Studio is cleaned and sanitized

before and after every shoot

Stage 2

Fresh air patio with safety plexiglass

dividers for outdoor eating or working.

 setting for 12 plus

Ventilation and Air Flow

For additional fresh air, each stage has it own large roll-up door

and outdoor eating.

Powerful Industrial Exhaust Fan

We have a large warehouse exhaust fan capable of refreshing the air throughout the studio every 10 minutes.


Each stage has its own 6 ton AC unit and air filters are changed regularly. 

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