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To build a non traditional home that is
 energy efficient and gives maximum protection from the tornados.

My wife and I are looking to build a 3000 to 5000 square foot home, that is similar in design to 2010 Studios. stage one. We really like the openness of the studio and the north facing windows. I have enclosed rough drawings and 3D rendering of our initial idea floor plan along with pictures of other homes we like.  We are not looking for a "super polished" Modern Home, more like Industrial / Modern. We like exposed concrete, electrical conduit, and HVAC. My wife runs a non profit animal rescue and there is a good chance the living room or garage might become a temporary home for animals in need.  My design is flexible and I'm open to alternative materials.  

Stage One at  2010 Studios


• Energy efficient
• Maximum protection from tornados. 
• One level, no curves or steps.
• Front of house to face true north.
• 250 amps of power. (as needed)
• 10 tons of HVAC. Open to mini splits. ( if needed )
• Solar powered with wind options.
Still being attached to the power grid
• Tops of west and south facing walls would be at ground level. (optional)
• Insulated windows and glass garage doors.
• Open to alternative building materials
• Open to different types of exterior walls or a hybrid of them:

    Earthen Home 
    Concrete Form House
    ICF concrete wall home.  
    Concrete block wall

Earthen roof or concrete roof. (optional)
ICF sloped concrete roofs
Concrete waffle slab roof​ with skylights
Exposed concrete floors and walls.
Exposed electrical conduit and HVAC.
Exposed Glulam Beams
Solar tubes and skylights throughout.
• Here is a link to Home Advisor for Concrete House Cost
 Barndominium with concrete walls

3D renderings

3D outside house renderings

3D renderings inside

3D renderings inside

3D walk through

3D walk through
Inspiration for outside

Inspiration for outside

Inspiration for inside

Inspiration for inside